2017 Fair Programme


Showcasing thousands of original artwork by 80 talented emerging artists all handpicked by a Selection Committee of art world experts, each edition of the fair provides visitors the unique opportunity to discover and buy art directly from future art stars - your chance to invest in the maker!

View our 2017 Bristol exhibitors here.



Get inked by a leading hand poke tattoo artist Needle and Chopstick (Sarah Lu) and choose from a selection of designs created exclusively for the fair and inspired by exhibiting artwork. 

Hand poke tattoos at The Other Art Fair Bristol are strictly ADVANCED BOOKING only. For more information click here


The Guardian is pleased to announce the launch of First Impressions, its third virtual reality project available on Daydream View, Google’s platform for high quality, mobile VR.

Using state-of-the-art VR technology, First Impressions enables viewers to explore how a baby sees the world during the first six months of life.

Drawing on the latest academic research, viewers can relive the dramatic visual development that happens over this time. At first only muted colours are visible, then as the experience unfolds the world is coloured in - first reds and greens, then yellows and blues. Depth of focus increases, slowly the room becomes 3D and parents, other children, objects and even the family dog come into focus.

The piece also examines the importance of social interaction and the negative impact that child neglect can have on neural development during this crucial period. The voice of Charles Nelson PhD, professor of pediatrics at Harvard, guides viewers through First Impressions, explaining the impact on brain development, behaviour and social functioning in children if they are deprived of responsive care and social interaction during this formative time.

For more information about First Impressions click here.


Discover the vibrant Colours of Bristol in a rainbow photographic display captured by the Bristol public and curated by Bristol 24/7 and IGers Bristol. 


To capture the rainbow of Bristol and we need your help! The city is full of colourful vistas and views and we challenge you to capture these!

Each week on Instagram, we will ask you to post pictures of a different colour of Bristol (you can choose any view from the city you like!). Make sure you tag us properly so we can see the photos and also regram them on our own account.

By the end of the campaign we will bring all of these photos together to make one giant printed rainbow exhibition featuring your beautiful Bristol snaps, all on show at The Other Art Fair Bristol.

To submit your image and to be part of the exhibition:

  • Check @TheOtherArtFair on Instagram each week to see which colour we are calling for.
  • Find your view and snap your photo. Upload to Instagram.
  • Tag #ColoursOfBristol and @TheOtherArtFair so we can find you!



Decorate towering castles made from reclaimed cardboard and willow with Cardboard Castles, an Arts Council England supported project for both children and adults by artists Joanne Hummel-Newell and Chris Jenkins.

'A towering structure built from willow and found cardboard. An evolving platform for public free expression.Visitors paint, write and colour using childrenʼs poster paint. What they create is thoughtful, funny, political, loving, spiritual and sometimes a little rude. Itʼs a message board, political placard or a shrine to absent friends. Sometimes its a giant colouring book.The democratic nature of the artwork means that the artists become facilitators in the creation of an ephemeral collaborative intervention and the ownership of the work is shared.

Supported by Arts council England, Cardboard Castle has toured Bestival, Camp Bestival, Foal arts and Isle of Wight Festival. 


Encounters ‘Best of British’ guest programme is an eclectic collection of high-quality shorts from filmmakers united by a single aim; getting under the skin of the human experience.

Emotion is at the heart of this carefully curated programme: we see families separated and reunited, the joy of creation, the impact of crime and greed, and the fear of facing one’s demons. At a time when seismic changes to Britain are on the horizon, here is an entertaining snapshot of current British life as told by six new voices to the filmmaking scene.

Here at Encounters, the UK’s largest film and animation festival, we are passionate about giving new and emerging talent a platform to launch their work. We are an important step on any filmmaker’s career journey, and we’re delighted to partner with International Shorts Film Festival who have the same goals: to introduce the best shorts from rising talent to European audiences and give filmmakers an all-important access point to the industry



Our friends at Own Art will make buying art at The Other Art Fair a whole lot easier by letting you spread the cost of your new purchase over a period of 10 months with an interest free loan.

It couldn't be more simple - once you've chosen the artwork you want, just head over to the Own Art desk where we will help you set up your 10 month payment plan, from there you're free to go with your new art work in hand!

Download the Own Art FAQs here


Quench your thirst with delicious wine, local beers and ciders in the Arnolfini's quayside cafe bar. Enjoy the bustle of the fair whilst relaxing with freshly ground coffees and teas, and a menu of tasty treats inspired by locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients.



'I, the Poet. You, the Poet.' is an interactive poetry feature created by the Cole sisters, Biba and Laurie. It aims to encourage a new engagement with poetry - bridging between written, visual and physical languages. Much like a game of consequences, visitors are invited to create poetry and imagery of their own in response to the previous entry. Each participant’s work will then be included in a short film shaped by the visuals that are created throughout the 3 days.


Since April 2014 Aidan Saunders has travelled the U.K. freshly pressing linocuts and exhibiting a wide range of hand printed ephemera from the back of a hand-painted VW caddy called 'Print Wagon'.
Dubbed the 'Del Boy' of print by Design week Aidan offers an interactive print experience which aims to educate , inform and entertain.
Linocut has a rich history of activism and protest and this September Aidan will be visiting the Other Art Fair in Bristol armed with politically charged linos, using his Wagon as a platform to spread messages of hope, love and fear.